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IAMS Dog Adult AllBreed Chicken [2 Sizes]



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IAMS™ was founded in 1946, when Paul F. Iams was determined to create high-quality pet food to optimise the health of pets. Through the years, their dog food and cat food products have evolved according to their research. Significant changes and findings included the introduction of an animal-based protein diet, use of beet pulp to enhance intestinal health and the addition of Omega-6 for skin and coat health. The team has since expanded their range of products to include both cat and dog food across all life stages.

To maintain high safety and quality standards, IAMS™ quality commitment ensures that more than 100 tests are conducted. Their products use only the best nutrient-dense ingredients for the perfect balance of nutrition and flavour.

Today, there has been 6,390 reviews of their cat and dog food, with 93.46% of buyers recommending these products and an overall rating of 4.41 out of 5 stars. IAMS™ pet food guarantees that you will see a visible difference in your pets and assures to satisfy their needs.