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[Panjang Cats] ECO Cane Cat Litter

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All profits will be donated to the Bukit Panjang Cats that were rescued recently.


Eco Cane Lemongrass Scented Cat Litter 3.28 kg is a yuca and sugarcane fiber by-product. It is free of any chemicals, perfumes, dyes and other harmful synthetics, while you and your cat may rely on it to provide a tested, naturally superior efficiency.

The 99.99% dust-free pellets are soft on kitty paws and help reduce undesirable tracking.

There are 100 percent recycled ingredients in this light-weight litter and pellets are formulated to be 8x more absorbent.

  • No added chemicals
  • Outstanding odor control
  • Last longer; Approx 90 days
  • Very light weight
  • 100% renewable ingredients
  • The health of your pet and of nature always come first
  • Only yuca and sugarcane