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Pet Bites Dental Treats/Chew

$15.80 $10.50


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Pet Bites Dental Treats is a great alternate to conventional treats, we use the best quality ingredients to ensure that your pets' meal isn’t compromised.


Pet Bites Mini Chew Stick 200g - Mint

Pet Bites Small Twisties 200g - Cranberry

Pet Bites Large Antler 165g - Milk

Pet Bites Small Knotted Bone 195g - Milk

Pet Bites Medium Hippo 200g - Milk

Pet Bites Medium Shark 180g - Mint

Pet Bites Small Knotted Bone 195g - Cranberry

Pet Bites Medium Crocodile 180g - Peanut Butter

Pet Bites Small Toothbrush 200g - Peanut Butter

Pet Bites Mini Turtle 170g - Peanut Butter