About Us

Who Are We?

We are a local online business selling pet supplies, opened by 3 VERY passionate dog lovers. We want to always be around dogs, thus we started this business where we can be able to meet more dog owners and know more about dogs. 

Our Beliefs 

We believe that all pets should be treated like how we treat other humans. When you choose to bring in a pet into your home, you should be prepared to pamper them like your child. Even though they are a different species, they have feelings too.

Why Us?

Here in SuperPaws, we aim to provide the best service you can find. All items has been tried before, so you don't have to worry about safety or comfort. We only sell products that will benefit your dogs and also bring convenience to your life as a pet owner. 

Our Future Plans

This online pet supply business is just a start of our journey into the pet's industry. We're looking to go deeper into this industry in the future. We've plans to open a physical shop, which will include grooming, pet hotels and many other services. We're also looking to partner with a few AWG to do monthly profit-donation in the near future.