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Forbis Short Coat Aloe Shampoo for Dogs

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Forbis Short Coat Aloe Shampoo contains Aloe Vera Gel to help preserve the supply of water. Adds lubricates to the coat and moisturizes skin. Ultraviolet (UV) backlight, Anti-inflammation, blood circulation quickening. Oil-water equilibrium. Without a fragile coat or drying sensitive skin, it adds luster and shine to the petõ coat. It is a mild shampoo made of non-stimulating material that is ideal for young animals on the skin and coat. Gently and thoroughly it cleans. The eyes and skin of dogs, clean aroma and slight freshness are not relaxing. The olive oil extract's special additives and heat-active ingredients will leave the coat of the pet rich, luxurious and smooth. The coat's tangle prevents this product.


  • Shampoo for pets with Short hair Prevents hair damage
  • Provides moist and nutrition to damaged hair
  • The heat-active ingredients promotes shinier and more resilient hair
  • The special additives plant extracts and heat- active ingredients will leave your pet’s coat rich
  • Luxurious and smoot