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IAMS Dog Supplements for Digestive Care 168g

IAMS Dog Supplements for Digestive Care 168g

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  • Dog Supplement for Healthy Digestion: These dog supplements are scientifically proven to support a healthy digestive system, making your canine's gut health management effective and easy
  • Formulated for Adult Dogs: Designed specifically for dogs aged 1 year and above, these dog supplements provide appropriate digestive support for your growing pet
  • Blend of Prebiotics and Probiotics: IAMS Dog Supplements contain a mix of Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) and Bacillus Subtilis, known for maintaining a healthy balance of gut bacteria
  • Fecal Odor Reduction: An added benefit of these dog supplements is their effectiveness in reducing fecal odor, contributing to a more pleasant pet care experience
  • Developed by Veterinary Experts: Each chewable supplement is a product of detailed research and development by seasoned veterinary professionals

A healthy digestive system is the cornerstone of your dog's overall wellbeing. With IAMS Dog Supplements, you can support this critical aspect of their health in a manner that's both effective and enjoyable for your pet.

Promotes Digestive Health
Our dog supplements are scientifically proven to support a healthy digestive system. They contain a blend of Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) (Prebiotic) and Bacillus subtilis (Probiotic). This mixture promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria while reducing the growth of harmful ones, maintaining a healthy balance in your dog's gut.

Tackles Fecal Odor
These supplements have the added benefit of reducing fecal odor, a feature that pet parents will undoubtedly appreciate. This means a more pleasant environment for both you and your pet.

Designed for Adult Dogs
These supplements are intended for dogs aged 1 year and above. If your pet is pregnant or lactating, please consult with a veterinarian before including these supplements in their diet.

Delicious and Gentle
With their chicken flavor and soft, chewable texture, these dog supplements make for a tasty and teeth-friendly treat. Your pet will look forward to their daily dose of gut health support!

Packaging and Usage
Each pack contains 28 pieces, a convenient month's supply. While these supplements enhance your dog's diet, they should be fed along with a complete and balanced meal. If needed, you can easily break them into smaller pieces.

IAMS Dog Supplements are a practical and enjoyable addition to your pet's daily routine. They complement your efforts in ensuring your pet's digestive health while making the task more pleasant for both of you. Remember, these supplements are meant to supplement veterinary care and a balanced diet, not replace them. With IAMS, caring for your pet's gut health has never been easier!