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[DONATION] Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore Wishlist

[DONATION] Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore Wishlist

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Prices in this listing is specially discounted for CDAS only. 

All orders from this listing will be sent directly to Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore.

You will be informed of the status of the donation, so please state your name and contact number when checking out.



Singapore currently has no laws in place to restrict dog tethering/chaining. Chaining dogs unfortunately legal in Singapore is one of the cruelest punishments imaginable for a social animal like a dog. Dog chained to a post whole day and night and denied the opportunity to engage in any normal activities that promote physical and emotional health will suffer eventually from being isolated, consistently alone, intense boredom, frustration, depression and most of all SADNESS.

This page is created to raise awareness the plight of the many dogs chained across Singapore. The limitation of a chained dog’s mobility contravenes ‘The Five Freedoms’, widely accepted as a statement of fundamental principles of animal welfare and adopted by professional veterinarians and advocated by international groups like the World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA), World Organization of Animal Health (OIE), the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the American Society of Cruelty to Animals.

The Five Freedoms being –

Freedom from hunger or thirst:

If his sources are depleted, dog is unable to physically alert his owner or move to another food or water source.

Freedom from discomfort:

Tied to a post, dog is exposed to the elements all day, every single day. A chained dog has to live within a dirty and dangerous environment most of the time.

Freedom from pain, injury or disease:

A chained dog is most likely malnourished because it is being fed ill-suited food resulting in a weak immune system thus it is not able to fight off infections. It is often riddled with ticks, mite infestations and probably has worms breeding in them.

Freedom to express normal behavior:

It is unnatural for a dog to stay in one area for 20 hours a day. A chained dog is starved of everything they thrive on – LOVE, AFFECTION AND INTERACTION WITH HUMANS and OTHER DOGS.

Freedom from fear and distress:

Being tethered for such an extended period of time could have a devastating psychological effect on the dog. Psychological effects are normally long-term and will most likely affect the dog for the entire duration of his life.


Change will not happen until animal advocates like you voice your feelings. We need a change in legislation to raise the standards of minimum care and improve the living conditions of our dogs. An enactment of this vital legislation will end the suffering of the many dogs tethered long term in Singapore.


This is an appeal to you to make a difference in a chained dog’s life. Your support today could make a huge difference in influencing the policy makers where animal welfare is concerned.