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Deshedding/Deshedder Comb



Fur Length

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Removes excess fur from your dog to prevent fur from flying all over your house. It also draws out natural oils produced by dog's skin and fur and prevents painful matting and hot spots. Overall, it makes your dog healthier and happier.

Recommended to use only once per 2-3 weeks. Deshedding your pets too frequently will damage their natural coating. 

M Size Long Fur (For Small to Medium Breeds with Fur Shorter than 2INCHES)
M Size Short Fur (For Small to Medium Breeds with Fur Longer than 2INCHES)
L Size Long Fur (For Big Breeds with Fur Shorter than 2INCHES)
L Size Short Fur (For Big Breeds with Fur Longer than 2INCHES)

This product is NOT supplied from the actual FURminator company. However, we have been using this product on our own furbaby for the past few years without any problems. It still works very well as a deshedding tool. An authentic FURminator costs over $40. Any other listings that you see that are of below $40 are highly likely fake ones even if it consists of the "authenticity seal". We can't guarantee the authenticity, but we can guarantee the quality.